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Your reliable partner for special solutions



Baido S.p.A. was established in 1977, and has been a trustworthy partner to the most qualified furniture companies ever since. Over the years, its services have achieved the status of “guarantee of quality” thanks to an advanced technology that supports mass production, production by reference or by project.

Research, development, and production

Innovative ideas, hand-crafted care, endless research, rigorous selection of raw materials that combine performance and aesthetics. We design every furnishing component along with our clients, garanteeing the best quality to meet their needs. Handy, effective, and unique – our products are now part of the industrial history of many prestigious Italian companies.

Production and Logistic Center

25,000 squared meters are dedicated to the development and production of our components. The production plant is suitable to both a high-quality mass production and the artisanal-like production of unique pieces. In either systems, the attention to every detail is still the core.

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